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Seclusion and Restraint Philosophy and Goals 

The Community Mental Health Center strives to create a least restrictive, safe, and appropriate environment. This goal, in conjunction with our Mission, Vision and Values calls us to uphold the dignity of the individual while providing excellence in the delivery of care.

We will provide respectful, patient centered care with staff that maintain clinical expertise and confidence through ongoing education and support.

Our goal is to eliminate situations where the need for Seclusion and Restraint are necessary. This will be accomplished through maintaining a therapeutic environment through the use of activities, techniques and alternatives. The minimal use of Seclusion and Restraint will be limited to when a patient is clearly identified as being a risk to him/herself or to others; and when all other alternative safety measures have been considered and attempted but are ineffective.

We will apply all principles to assist the patient with regaining self-control and resuming a safe and therapeutic environment in an effective, yet minimal, amount of time.